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    Philip Chronopoulos

    Born in Athens, Philip Chronopoulos trained at the Ecole Bocuse in France. His experience of working in prestigious establishments honed the qualities essential to becoming a great Chef.

    In 2015, he became head chef of the Palais Royal Restaurant, with the challenge of writing his own culinary story. He ventured to give it a Greek twist. The mezze at the start of his menu tells the story of his homeland, a childhood memory.

    Philip Chronopoulos doesn’t aim to impress, he aims to stir the emotions and leave a lasting impression with his soulful cuisine. This is how, in February 2022, he achieved the two-star rating, which he hopes will illuminate the Byzantine domes of the Palais Royal Venezia.

    • Nolinski Venise Palais Royal Guillaume de Laubier

    The restaurant, gastronomic

    A grandiose setting, lavish cuisine

    The imposing auditorium of the former Council Chamber is now home to the Palais Royal Venezia, THE grand restaurant in all its splendour. Whether inconspicuous in the alcove or dazzling in the centre of the gastronomic stage, dressed in white and red, the tables are set in the style of the 19th century.
    The silverware gleams. The water glasses, created exclusively for Nolinski by master glass-maker Berengo Studio, reflect the hotel’s nautical theme. The Byzantine-style arches confirm that the culinary drama is set in Venice. Velvet banquettes and armchairs provide a warm welcome for guests, actors and spectators in the gastronomic opera that takes place every evening.Statuary and antique fountainheads add to the theatricality of the setting, while attentive waiters move amidst contemporary works of art.



    Excellence & Generosity

    The menu showcases the richness and simplicity of Mediterranean cuisine. It reflects the very essence of the Palais Royal Restaurant: French excellence, Chef Philip Chronopoulos’s Greek touch, the finest produce sourced in Italy and the attentive service of an entire team.

    More than just being attractive, he wants his cuisine to be delicious and to arouse the senses. It’s a cuisine that appeals straight to the heart, to leave a lasting impression and reach for the stars.

    The menu features reinterpretations of Venetian and Italian specialities, as well as incredibly fresh seafood straight from the Venice fish market. The quality of the langoustines, lobsters and octopus is unrivalled.

    Palais Royal - 265 €

    From Athens to Venice - 295 €

    Feta | Tarama | Egg | Herbs

    Broccoli | Lemon | Lemon Balm | Caviar

    Lobster | Green Beans | Lemongrass

    Veal | Rhubarb | Onion | Mustard

    Lemon | Grapefruit | Tagete

    Rasberry | Chocolate | Nuts

    Yogurt | Honey | Cinnamon

    Feta | Tarama | Egg | Herbs

    Broccoli | Lemon | Lemon Balm | Caviar

    Dublin Bay Prawn | Yellow Zucchini | Basil | Zucchini Blossoms

    Lobster | Green Beans | Lemongrass

    John Dory | Saffron | Broad Bean | Kaffir

    Milk Fed Lamb | Artichoke | Oregano | Chickpea

    Lemon | Grapefruit | Tagete

    Strawberry | Elderflower | Vanilla

    Yogurt | Honey | Cinnamon